View of garden from Buchannan St.
Garden fountain
Sitting rocks in courtyard
Sitting rocks in courtyard
Welcome sign
New trellis


Click this link to read a compilation on nonviolence. This collection of quotations from a variety of sources was read during devotions on Jan. 20, 2013. Nonviolence



The Meditation Garden was completed in October, 2012.  The site next to the Center was  transformed from a neglected lot with decaying structures into a beautiful meditation garden, thanks to the efforts of many souls. It has hosted worship and devotional gatherings, picnics, meetings, and weddings.  All are welcome to enter and enjoy this quiet refuge.


































America’s Spiritual Destiny,” October 8, 2011:  “This We Believe” draws from the writings of notable American patriots and from Baha’i scriptures, as a reflection on some of the spiritual values inherent in America’s history.   This compilation was prepared for an inspirational program examining the destiny of America, as envisioned by her founding fathers.  Can America live up to her promise?  Can American Baha’is live up to the teachings of Abdu’l-Baha (son of Baha’u’llah) when he visited our country, traveling from coast to coast, a century ago?

Click this link to read the compilation: Destiny of America (1)

National Preach-In for Global Warming, February 12, 2012:  “Love the Earth” provided inspirational material for reflection, as a part of our program for the 2012 “Preach-In for Global Warming.”  Our interfaith program was one of an estimated 1,000 events held in about 40 states, under the auspices of Interfaith Power and Light, to which organization we are the only faith group in West Virginia to belong.  Baha’i communities are encouraged to participate in IPL’s annual campaign to raise awareness of the social and environmental implications of climate change, and the responsibility of man to care for the Earth.

Click this link to read the compilation: Love the Earth